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November 24,2019

Demetrius Gray, WeatherCheck

Demetrius Gray, CEO and Founder of WeatherCheck, describes how his company is creating an opportunity for carriers and agents to take control of potential weather claims and validate and process legitimate claims promptly. While paying valid claims, WeatherCheck aims to minimize insurance...

November 11,2019

Andrew Robinson, Groundspeed

ITL Editor in Chief Paul Carroll speaks with Andrew Robinson, Co-CEO of Groundspeed Analytics, about how the data sciences company is growing and evolving, and discusses how it is using A.I. to solve insurance industry problems and improve decision making. Learn more about Groundspeed.

October 28,2019

Maximilian Weiner, Resilient

ITL CEO Wayne Allen speaks with Maximilian Weiner, CEO and Founder of Resilient, about his company's solution to build customer loyalty and engagement for businesses while providing insurance benefits to low and moderate income Americans who otherwise cannot afford it or find suitable coverage....

October 14,2019

Gary Hagmueller, CLARA Analytics

ITL Editor in Chief Paul Carroll speaks with Gary Hagmueller, CEO of CLARA Analytics, about the potential for A.I. applications in the insurance industry, common misconceptions about what A.I. can and cannot do, as well as a preview of how CLARA Analytics hopes to expand the value it brings to...

September 30,2019

Jason Keck, Broker Buddha

ITL CEO Wayne Allen speaks with Jason Keck, CEO and Co-Founder of Broker Buddha, about how the platform helps independent insurance agents to grow their business by automating many routine administrative processes, improving the customer experience and freeing up more time for the agency to be...

September 16,2019

Jennifer Tescher - Financial Health Network

ITL CEO Wayne Allen speaks with Jennifer Tescher, President & CEO of the Financial Health Network, about its mission to help consumers build financial health and resilience. She also shares how insurance and other businesses can do more to support the financial health of their customers,...

September 02,2019

Ryan Cassin, Asset

ITL CEO Wayne Allen speaks with Ryan Cassin, CEO of Asset, about the importance and challenge for CEOs to build brand trust and defend it against constantly evolving reputational risks. Hear how companies and their leaders need to listen to consumers and respond effectively to build, manage and...

August 19,2019

Lee Poskanzer, Directive Communications Systems

Lee Poskanzer, CEO and Founder of Directive Communications Systems, talks about how his company helps clients of insurance, wealth and legal professionals to navigate the complex process of accessing digital assets after a loved one dies. DCS technology makes it easy for people to direct how...

August 05,2019

Sean Mulhern, GloveBox

ITL COO Paul Winston talks with Sean Mulhern, a co-founder of GloveBox, a startup focused on helping consumers track all of their insurance documents in a single app while also giving independent insurance agents tools to eliminate time-consuming service requests and instead focus on more...

July 23,2019

Brett Cunningham, Clever RX

In this podcast, ITL CEO Wayne Allen talks with Brett Cunningham, Chief Growth Officer of Clever RX, a startup that is providing a pharmacy savings app to drive down prescription drug costs for the consumer, and offers benefits to partners like insurance agents who offer the cards to their...



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