• Tired of a "spray and pray" approach to marketing your brand to the world, with little to no measurable effect?
  • Looking for better marketing options to costly event sponsorships that don't deliver meaningful ROI?
  • Wouldn't you rather reach an audience that cares about your business and initiates growth? 

ITL marketing solutions enable you to reach the right audience
to increase brand awareness, engagement and drive new prospects

Insurance Thought Leadership is the only insurance industry publication that has an audience that is insurance > innovation > technology focused.  And if that’s not enough…

• Our paid media is built upon years of insurance advertising data and knowledge of what works in regards to frequency and media mix.

• Our media can incorporate lead-gen, prospecting opportunities

• ITL media is 30%-50% less expensive than other less-targeted publications

• Our Six Things open rates are significantly higher than any other insurance publication

• We offer co-branded content opportunities that leverage the deep insights of our IE platform to produce highly insightful, data-driven, thought leadership

• We publish the thought leadership of thousands of most brilliant and innovation-focused minds working within the insurance industry vs. writers who look at and report on the industry from the outside

• Our content is focused on the future, not past events. If you’re not up on what’s on ITL, you’re already behind.

A media buyer from a large insurtech recently said, "I hate [insurance] trade publications, but I really like what you [ITL] guys are doing with content".

We’d love to talk to you about how we can positively impact your marketing ROI.

And...We also offer creative services like motion graphics to better amplify your brand or product/services as well as publishing your insurance content on our website. Contact us to learn more.


Advertising & Engagement Modules Include:  

 ITL Six Things Newsletter

Six Things Newsletter

 ITL Website

ITL Website Banners - Homepage & ROS

 Podcast Interviews

Podcast Interviews

 ITL Webinars

ITL Webinars > Custom content, Product announcements, ITL Moderated panels

**Lead Generation opportunity

 ITL Custom Content

Custom Research Reports & Thought Leadership Content