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Do you need an independent assessment of how well your innovation program is working--and if it is positioned for success? Want an evaluation of your program from an independent party that has no stake in telling you only what you want to hear, or to prolong a consulting assignment?

Recently, insurance rating agency A.M. Best released a draft of its of its proposed insurance innovation assessment process, which, after a comment period will form the basis for reviewing how comprehensive and effective an insurance company’s innovation efforts are.  [Listen to our A.M. Best Podcast interview with Matthew Mosher, Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer]. 

This move is significant and newsworthy as Best underscores the importance of innovation to the future financial strength of an insurer. The draft release will also create new urgency among some companies to understand how their innovation programs are performing, and how they might be reviewed.

We can provide you with a brief, confidential assessment of whether you have the essential elements for innovation success. The first step is scheduling a call for us to review and learn about your program. We analyze the results against innovation best practices and structural elements that are essential to long-term success. And we schedule a call to review your program and identify where your program is complete and where there are potential gaps an opportunities.

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Why ITL Advisory?

ITL Advisory, led by Chief Innovation Officer Guy Fraker, aims to help insurance industry organizations and executives gain the knowledge and skills to operate a successful innovation program that has a measurable impact on the bottom line.  ITL Advisory uses an insurance innovation framework that has been adopted by world-class insurers and reinsurers who are leaders today in the innovation space.  ITL has been working with A.M. Best for more than a year.  

Our approachWe work in close partnership with our clients to gain an understanding of their innovation objectives and needs in a way no one else can match, to drive better outcomes.

Our relationships – We have successfully implemented our innovation process and strategic advisory services at multiple world class insurers and reinsurers to build new capabilities and drive growth. We leverage our global connections to drive implementation of programs for clients.

Our resources – Our team has unparalleled breadth and experience with the global insurance industry, innovation labs and technology innovators. We also bring access to the most relevant emerging technologies transforming insurance.

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